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What is CO2 Extraction?

How is CBD Extracted?

CBD can be extracted via a number of different methods. Each method has associated pros and cons in regards to quality, safety, and cost. CO2 extraction is currently widely regarded as the best method for a controlled, consistent and safe product. We chose to utilize CO2 Extraction for these reasons as well as part of our overall process to ensure a THC-Free product.

CO2 Extraction

The best extraction method for CBD oil is the CO2 process. The process is expensive and it takes some time, but it is the safest method of extraction that is known thus far. Carbon dioxide is turned into a supercritical state. The supercritical CO2 is then heated up and it goes through the hemp in a machine that is known as a closed loop extractor. This process occurs without removing any of the good nutrients like the enzymes and vitamins.

Ethanol Extraction

High-grade alcohol is used in this method, though it destroys the natural waxes on the plant. This gets rid of some of the effectiveness of the plant, unfortunately. When the CBD is extracted in this fashion the chlorophyll of the plant is also extracted. This can leave your CBD tasting and smelling like freshly cut lawn trimmings. The chlorophyll can be removed through certain processes, but these processes also remove some of the positive items in the CBD.

Olive Oil Extraction

Infused oils are inherently inexpensive to produce and safe to make without specialized equipment or the risks of ethanol. However, they are perishable and you cannot precisely control what ingredients end up in the final products or ensure it is consistent each time.

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