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CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is similar to corn oil or other vegetable oils. Instead of using corn the hemp plant is used such as in cooking oil. 

CBD is a compound found in hemp (and other forms of cannabis) called cannabidiol. The CBD compound has been found to have some amazing medicinal properties. Hemp oil, although made from the hemp plant would naturally have CBD concentration of much less than 1%. 

CBD oil goes through a process to get much higher concentrations of CBD.  Roughly 60-70x more than hemp oil. You'll find the oil in CBD oil is not actually hemp oil, it's usually another fatty oil like coconut. 

The high saturated fat (MCT) content of coconut oil improves the cellular absorption rate of CBD. Fractionated (MCT) Coconut Oil contain good saturated fats and are able to pass through the liver instead of being filtered like a hemp or olive oil base.


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