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Full Spectrum CBD - The Myth that marketing created

If you’ve been researching the benefits of CBD oil, you’ve undoubtedly come across the Full Spectrum vs Isolate CBD argument.  It goes something like this – “An isolate CBD product is fine, but to get the true effects of CBD you need a full spectrum product.  The argument is that the additional parts of the plant available in Full Spectrum CBD oil have been proven to be more effective than an isolate CBD oil.  

They even made up a name for this interaction “the entourage effect”  It always finishes up with a “recent medical study proves this”.

The one inconvenient truth left out of this conversation -  It’s wrong.

The main reason why full spectrum CBD is being pushed on people is simple – Economics.  Full spectrum oil is cheaper to make than an isolate CBD product.  An isolate product needs to be refined and processed through more steps.  During complete isolation, all the THC is removed, and you end up having 99.9% pure crystalized CBD – more of a medical grade type product.  By skipping these additional refining steps you’re left with “gunk” that has lots of impurities and THC.  Less processing and refining equals lower costs and higher profits.

But the medical studies…..

The medical study that is typically referred to is a 2015 Israeli study that talks about a “Bell-shaped dose response to cannabidiol (CBD)”  Here is a link to it.

In summary, it shows that, at very high dosage levels, CBD may perform better in a solution with other cannabinoids predominately THC, CBC, CBG.  Here is what all those advertisements have conveniently ignored.  Most people for daily use to combat anxiety or pain take anywhere from 10-50 mg per day. 

What was used in the study:

  1. Dosage - The serving size was 50 mg of full Spectrum per KG of body weight. 2 KG = 1 pound.  160-pound person – 3600 mg!  per serving (the 99.9% isolate was equal to 360 mg)
  2. Legality - The solution had 1.1% THC. Even with the recent passing of the Farm Bill, anything above .3% THC is not considered Hemp.  It’s categorized as Marijuana and illegal on the federal level. 

As you probably know, CBD is not cheap.  360 mg per day for quality isolate would run around $50 p/day or about $1,500 p/month. Nobody, outside of a medical study - takes that much CBD.

The organization which published the study Scientific Research Publishing is a pay to publish group which is discredited to the point Wikipedia will not allow you to cite them as a reference.

Bottom Line

If you’re concerned about the ramifications of having THC in your system and prefer CBD with no impurities – then try a THC free isolate CBD product.  You will get all the benefits of full spectrum CBD without the stress of failing a drug test. 

One of the main reasons CBD is taken is to reduce stress.  Worrying about THC in your body is not a remedy for stress.

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