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Is 0% THC possible?

Absolutely, and there can be a lot of benefits of getting a 0% THC product.

First, let's describe how we make sure our products contain 0% THC. We made the decision early on that we wanted to ensure that you the buyer could buy a consistent product every single time and not need to worry about what it contains beyond CBD.

We chose to process the material from our farms into an isolate powder using a process called CO2 Extraction. The easy way to think about this process is similar to reverse osmosis water filtration that is used to produce your bottled waters such as Dasani or Aquafina.

We push CO2 through the farmed hemp plant material through a series of filtration chambers which leaves us with a clean CBD product as an end result. We then take that isolate and mix it with other ingredients such as organic coconut oil and natural flavoring to make the products we sell.

This is important for us to maintain a strict 0% THC product which we independently test. It is important to the end user for a few reasons. 

First, there is a big difference between ~<0.05% THC and 0% THC. Often this number is rounded down for marketing reasons. It's important to check that if you want 0% THC that you see actual toxicology/potency reports showing 0% from an accredited lab. This can affect the outcome of drug screening or personal preference to avoid THC.

The other major advantage of utilizing an isolate is consistency. Since we control the farming and do not third party source our CBD, you will get exactly the same concentration and CBD product every time from bottle to bottle.

What is a broad spectrum vs full spectrum CBD product?

CBD on its own is known to have a long list of health benefits. The easier and cheaper method to produce CBD oil is to essentially process the plant in its entirety and skip the isolation step. As such you will find a lot of marketing behind this full spectrum approach.

This approach does yield a few noticeable differences. The first is obviously that this method contains THC in the final product. The other is the end product contains additional material from the plant such as additional cannabinoids besides CBD and terpenes.

If you've seen marketing around having THC there is a reason why and we discuss that here in our article Full Spectrum CBD - The myth that marketing created.

We've created a broad spectrum product line which contains all of the additional cannabinoids and terpenes available while still ensuring 0% THC.

Consistency is the key.

An easy question to frame in your mind is would you buy Tylenol if it says the effects and dosage may vary from box to box or possibly contain trace amounts of other unknown ingredients? If you answered no, then an isolate product is probably right for you.

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