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Liposomes and CBD

The Liposome Difference. 

You know what's a challenge when taking supplements? Trying to determine how much is being lost during the digestion process. Some doctors are advising patients to take dosages of vitamins these days that can seem off the charts compared to prior recommendations to overcome how much is lost during digestion.

By embedding the CBD within naturally occurring liposomal phospholipids, Natural Native’s Enhanced CBD Extract Sprays are up to five times (5X) more bioavailable than CBD extracts taken alone.

This means that you can get the same effect from a much lower dose. CBD Extract Sprays are flavored with a light taste of mint or raspberry so it’s a delicious supplement you will enjoy taking daily without any bitter taste.

Why do Liposomes help Absorption?


Every cell in your body has a cell membrane. Its main function is to keep “bad” things out and let “good” beneficial nutrients into your body.

However, the membrane system is overly cautious and to some extent filters everything.  Whether an active ingredient is beneficial or not, some of it will be lost as it goes through the cell membrane.

In the case of CBD almost 80% can be lost while going through this process. Since the Liposomes used by Natural Native are made from naturally occurring molecules that bond with the cellular membrane it can increase absorption by 5x or more.

Want to get the benefits of Liposomes and CBD first hand? Try the Natural Native Enhanced CBD Spray.

Natural Native can ensure the best quality product because we own our farms which are certified organic, we own the processing facilities, we third party test our products and do our own distribution. 

All products are Truly THC Free and tested at 0% THC by independent testing.

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