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Liposomes - How they help improve CBD.

If you’re interested in CBD, you’ve probably done some research and know there is a wealth of information out there about how beneficial it is. Studies have shown that basic ailments like pain, inflammation, anxiety, and sleeplessness can be relieved using CBD oil.  In many ways, its impact on general wellness is more accustomed to a vitamin supplement than a remedy.  With that said, why use Enhanced CBD oil spray from Natural Native?

The digestive dilemma

CBD like any active ingredient is a slave to the digestive system.  Over 80% of CBD can be lost as it passes through the stomach and gets absorbed by your body.  Only a fraction of the CBD in most products will ever get to those targeted relief areas.

Enhanced CBD - It's all about the Liposome

When we say enhanced, we mean adding science to our compound in the form of a liposome.  This technology has been used to improve pharmaceutical performance for decades.  A liposome is a spherical molecule made up of the same material as a cell membrane that can be engineered to encapsulate an active ingredient.

It basically works with the digestive system to allow the active ingredient (in this case CBD) to pass through with minimal breakdown.  Studies have shown that a liposome can increase the active ingredient absorption by as much as 500%.

In the case of CBD, our 600 mg spray can act more like a 3,000 mg CBD product. This allows our customers to use less CBD per application creating a much better value.  In addition, the product can provide relief much faster as well.

You can view our Enhanced CBD Oil Spray utilizing Liposomes here.

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